Shoulder and elbow pain managed with a chiropractic care routine

shoulder and elbow pain

Do you feel a strong shoulder and elbow pain when you look for a container on the kitchen shelf? A sharp pain as you slide your arm down a sleeve of your shirt?

This type of pain can prevent you from living your life and doing the things you adore. It is usually permanent and occurs more frequently due to excessive use.

Both shoulder and elbow pain usually occur in teenage and adult athletes and those who perform physical and repetitive work.

If left untreated, shoulder and elbow pain can progress to back and neck pain or other problems such as tingling and numbness in the hands.

How can a chiropractor help people with shoulder and elbow pain?

The chiropractor’s care is an excellent way to control and relieve discomfort caused by pain.

Chiropractors provide a gentle, non-invasive and non-addictive therapy, known as chiropractic adjustment.

These chiropractic adjustments reduce joint restrictions or misalignment in the spine and other joints of the body, seeking to reduce inflammation and improve the function of the affected joints and nervous system.

By increasing joint mobility and improving nervous system function and spine health, your body will have the ability to better control the symptoms caused by pain.

Benefits of chiropractic care

Some of the health benefits of chiropractic care in patients with shoulder and elbow pain are:

– Reduce pain and discomfort

– Reduce inflammation

– Improve the range of mobility

– Improve flexibility

– Increase muscle tone and strength

Is chiropractic care what I need?

To find out if chiropractic care is what you need for your condition, the specialist will first make a consultation. If necessary, it will refer you to obtain diagnostic images such as x-rays or MRI scans.

Based on the findings of the exam and the consultation, the chiropractor will choose the treatment and chiropractic adjustment suitable for your body ailments.

In addition, it may require the assistance of other health professionals such as therapeutic massage therapists or physiotherapists.

Where can I find a chiropractor in Maryland?

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Maryland or learn more about how a specialist can help you reduce your shoulder and elbow pain, do not hesitate to visit any of our three offices.

We will be waiting for you at our advanced, modern and well-equipped offices located in Gaithersburg, Silver Spring and Frederick.

We will solve all your concerns, treat your shoulder and elbow pain and improve your quality of life.


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